New Releases: Turkesterone X (30%) and Turkesterone Max (50%) with HydroPerine™

New Releases: Turkesterone X (30%) and Turkesterone Max (50%) with HydroPerine™

Discover the powerful new releases of Turkesterone X and Turkesterone Max

The world of nutritional supplements has a new sensation: the long-awaited release of Turkesterone X (with 30% Turkesterone) and Turkesterone Max (with 50% Turkesterone) formulated with HydroPerine™ for maximum absorption and processing in the body. We are the only company to offer these improved variants.*

These two powerful products are designed to help users achieve their fitness goals and improve their overall well-being. In this blog we will take a closer look at the benefits of Turkesterone and why these new releases are so valuable.*

An Overview

Turkesterone is a naturally occurring substance extracted from the Ajuga Turkestanica plant. It is known for its potential benefits to the body, including muscle growth, fat loss and improved physical performance. The supplement has long been used in traditional medicine, particularly in Central Asian countries.*

HydroPerine™: The Secret Behind the Improved Absorption

Both variants are enriched with HydroPerine™, a special ingredient designed to improve the absorption of ingredients in the body.*

HydroPerine™ is derived from black pepper and contains a compound called piperine, which is known for its ability to increase the bioavailability of nutrients. It contains a very high concentration of 98% Piperine. This is a more potent version than the original BioPerine™ which contains at least 95% of these Piperines.*

Also, HydroPerine™ is co-formulated with Apex's traditional ingredient, pure Hydroxypropyl-β-Cyclodextrin. Adding these substances to the Turkesterone X and Max formulas improves the absorption of Turkesterone, maximizing its benefits.*


With the new releases of Turkesterone X and Max, a more potent option is now available for anyone seeking improved physical performance, muscle growth and overall wellness. With the added benefits of HydroPerine™, which optimizes absorption, users can rest assured that they are getting the most out of the supplement.*

However, it is important to note that dietary supplements can vary individual results and it is always advisable to seek professional advice before adding any new supplements to your routine. With the new Turkesterone X releases, fitness enthusiasts now have more potent tools at their disposal to achieve their fitness goals and take their bodies to the next level.


* Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Always consult with your healthcare professional before starting any new dietary supplement.

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