Tribulus Terrestris 95% Saponines with HydroPerine™ - 120 V-Capsules

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Tribulus Terrestris, a powerful herbal supplement containing 95% Saponins. Experience improved performance, libido, muscle growth and recovery.*

Tribulus Terrestris with 95% Saponins is a powerful herbal supplement that empowers you to reach new heights of performance and vitality. Experience enhanced performance, enhanced libido, hormonal balance, and enhanced muscle growth and recovery.*

Increased Performance and Endurance: Tribulus Terrestris is known for its ability to naturally improve strength, endurance and overall athletic performance. The high concentration of saponins supports healthy testosterone levels and promotes optimal physical performance and endurance.*

Improved Libido and Sexual Health: Experience a revitalized intimate life with Tribulus Terrestris. The powerful saponins have traditionally been used to support a healthy libido and improve the sexual well-being of both men and women.*

Hormone Balance: Tribulus Terrestris acts as an adaptogen, helping to balance hormones and supporting overall well-being. By promoting hormonal balance, it can help relieve symptoms related to hormonal imbalances.*

Increased Muscle Growth and Repair: Saponins from Tribulus Terrestris play a vital role in supporting muscle growth and repair. It aids in muscle tissue repair and enhances protein synthesis, helping you achieve your fitness goals.*

Origin and Quality
Tribulus Terrestris is a plant native to several regions around the world, including Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. Our Tribulus Terrestris capsules are sourced from premium organic farms, guaranteeing the highest quality and purity. Each capsule contains the power and vitality of this extraordinary herb.*

Tribulus Terrestris is enhanced with HydroPerine™, a unique formula that improves bioavailability and absorption. HydroPerine™ combines Hydroxypropyl-Beta-Cyclodextrin and Piperine, two scientifically proven ingredients that improve nutrient absorption and increase the effectiveness of Saponins. Experience enhanced benefits and maximize potential.*


* Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Always consult with your healthcare professional before starting any new dietary supplement.